• OMGosh! SKYLIGHTER will be out tomorrow!!


    *breathes into a bag*


     *breathes into a bag again*

    Okay, folks. My second book is out tomorrow. TOMORROW. And even though I’ve done this once before, I can’t get over the feeling of…well…ultimate panic. I hear this goes away, or maybe gets better, with every book you publish.  But for now, I’m all Kermit flails and stress eating. It’s a pretty picture over here, I promise.

    So this is the your last chance to pre-order SKYLIGHTER!!  (Read: Last chance for me to beg/plead for you to pre-order because of this).  And if all the swaggy goodness doesn’t convince you, how about some trade reviews?


    Gr 8 Up-This second installment picks up right where The Storyspinner (S. & S., 2014) left off. Johanna, with help from Rafi and Jacaré, continues on her quest to restore the magical barrier, but things get complicated as she and Rafi explore their budding feelings for each other. Rafi’s brother Dom is left to handle the duties of duke at home in Santiago, which becomes dangerous as nearby fiefs move to draw their homeland into the looming war over the throne. Pira and Leão are left searching for and rescuing each other while also trying to catch up with Jacaré and Johanna. All the while, there are Keepers already on this side of the wall who will stop at nothing to keep Johanna and her allies from achieving their goal. Readers will be pleased with the continuation of the story of Johanna and the Keepers. This volume has more romance and clichéd dialogue than the previous entry, as well as Wallace’s page-turning action sequences. Multiple character perspectives continue with two new voices, which leads to surprising character development. VERDICT A compelling, unique world with Portuguese-inspired echoes of Patrick Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind (DAW, 2007), this series is a must for fans of fantasy.-Stephanie DeVincentis, Downers Grove North High School  

    From BOOKLIST:

    Adventure abounds and stakes are high, keeping readers in suspense through the wild and romantic end. This sequel to THE STORYSPINNER (2015) is action-packed, pulling readers immediately into the dangerous world. 

    I’m going to go eat another pound of Cadbury Mini-Eggs now. Because that will make me feel better. Right? Right.

  • FOUR more days till SKYLIGHTER pubs!! Here’s Teaser No. 9!!

    SKY teaser12

    Don’t be like Dom!  There is all sorts of awesome swag for people who pre-order. Like this beautiful artwork!


    The links are right here! Don’t miss them. They’re right in front of you!!


    Barnes & Noble

    Blue Willow (the only place to get autographed copies!)

    STORYSPINNER will be out in paperback on March 22 as well! So if you have a friend who hasn’t started the series yet, plus they get swag with ANY version they order (HB, PB, or E-pub).


    Barnes and Noble

    Blue Willow