• Book Release

    SKLIGHTER Teaser No.7!

    SKYLIGHTER will be out in one week!! If you’ve been waiting to pre-order, you still have a chance to get all the good swag!  I still have a few copies of the artwork, bookmarks, and postcards!  Send me a picture of your receipt and your mailing address to Becky@beckywallacebooks.com and I’ll mail you all sorts of goodness!! Also, I’ll be grateful! Links here: Amazon Barnes & Noble Blue Willow (the only place to get autographed copies!) Don’t forget that STORYSPINNER will be out in paperback on March 22 as well! If you order that. you’ll get the awesome bookplate map as well! Amazon Barnes and Noble Blue Willow YAY!!! And…

  • Book Release

    All the places you can find SKYLIGHTER Giveaways and Interviews! Woot!

    So you want insider information or a chance to win free stuff?  Good plan!!  Here’s all the blog posts I have scheduled around the internet, and EVERY SINGLE ONE is giving something away. Go forth, read, and enter!  Yay!! March 10:  Dark Faerie Tale Fifty Shades of Book Boys – Interview with Dom March 14: Once Upon A Twilight– Interview March 15: Jessabella Reads – Review March 15: YABooksCentral – Exclusive Deleted Scene from THE STORYSPINNER March 16: Owl Always Be Reading – Excerpt for THE SKYLIGHTER March 17: Take Me Away to a Great Read – Review March 18: Riveted – EXCLUSIVE Original Prologue from THE STORYSPINNER March 18: A GREAT…

  • Book Release,  Writing Lessons

    Why authors want you to pre-order and Teaser No. 6!

    Your friend — and by that I mean me — has written a book.  Suddenly your Facebook and Instagram feed is inundated (I really hope not) with posts about pre-ordering her book.  She’s offering swag, and you’re like, “Wait…is she giving away curtains? Isn’t that what swag is? Or is this some thug thing? Like bling? She’s not really very thuggish…” I am not very thuggish. It’s true. Nor am I giving away curtains to encourage you to pre-order my book.  Swag is usually stuff like bookmarks, bookplates, artwork, postcards, etc.  We autograph some of this stuff to make it extra fancy. (If you scroll to the bottom, you’ll see what I…