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    How I Got Here: Nicole Castroman

    I’m so, so excited to introduce you all to the brilliant and beautiful Nicole Castroman.  We’ve been friends and critique partners for almost three years, and her book BLACKHEARTS  is a story I love so much that I wish I could claim it as my own.  I’m thrilled Simon Pulse will be publishing it in Spring of 2016!  Nicole has worked so hard and I think her story will be an inspiration to anyone trying to break into the publishing industry. Becky Wallace:  So Nicole, tell everyone a little bit about yourself. Nicole Castroman: A little known fact about me is that I love languages. I do. In high school and…

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    Oh Joy and Happiness!!

    I have fantastic, wonderful, giddy-making news!  My very good friend and critique partner, Nicole Castroman, just sold her debut novel BLACKHEARTS to Simon Pulse.  *dancing ensues*  If you’re on twitter, head on over to @nicolecastroman and tell her congratulations.  And, she’s agreed to answer a few questions for my new blog series “How I Got Here” tomorrow! Here are the details of her deal: Sara Sargent at Simon Pulse has acquired Blackhearts by debut author Nicole Castroman. Inspired by the tale of Blackbeard, it’s the story of a forbidden romance between a servant girl desperate for freedom and the master’s son who dreams of a life at sea. But they…

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    Copy Edits: CHECK!

    I survived copy edits! They were hard, but magical.  It’s amazing to hold a printed copy of your book  — even if it’s coverless and sort of a mess. I had nine days to get the ms back to my editor, and managed to read through it completely three times. I felt like I could have gone through it fifty times and still found mistakes.  That, by the way, is sort of an awful feeling. On Thursday, I’ll have an entire post in Editor’s Notes on what I learned and what would have been helpful to know in advance.  Until then, I’ll leave you with  this beauty: That’s my book! And my name! And places it…