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    Author Mary Waibel Talks About Her Experiences with Self Publishing and Publishing with a Small Press

    Do you guys know Mary Waibel?  She was my very first Editor’s Note interview way back in January, and I wanted to have her back to talk a bit about her new project.  Mary has worked (and is still working) with a couple of small houses, but has also decided to take the big leap into self-publishing. Today she’s here to tell us what fueled that decision and what she’s learned along the way. Thank you, Mary! Becky, thanks so much for letting me drop by today to talk about my experience with small publishing houses and self-publishing. In the past year I’ve released three books with a small publishing house (MuseItUp…

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    Thank You Tweeps! How about you win THE STORYSPINNER?

    YOU GUYS!!!  I have more than 1,000 Twitter followers!  Thanks to everyone who followed and especially to those who retweeted!  I know I’ve said this before, but the writing and reading community is a beautiful thing. As promised, I will giveaway one of my cherished ARCs (I only have five, so when I say ‘cherished,’ I mean it!)  And I guess I can personalize it too, right? If the winner wants (Do people want me to sign my book?  I mean, I think it’s super cool when authors write me a little note in their books, but maybe I’m weird.  Also, it’s me signing my book.  I should go practice my handwriting, huh? An-y-way…)…

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    Interview with author Steve Kozeniewski

    Two years ago, I hosted a contest for critiques on this little blog.  The top two finalists were Jess Lawson and Steve Kozeniewski (for those of you who have followed for awhile his alias was Redleg). And, they both have book deals!  Jess and Steve’s novels couldn’t have been more different — a light-hearted middle grade versus an adult zombie-mystery — but both authors have incredible, memorable voices.  Steve’s book BRAINEATER JONES pubbed this month and would be a great Halloween read for anyone with a taste for dark mysteries, great narrators, and flesh. *snickers*  That was a zombie joke. The synopsis for Steve’s book is after the interview. Me: Your book is very unlike…