• Progress

    I’ve got a few major writing projects under my belt now and am 30,000 words into a manuscript I really intend to finish. Parts of it are good, like better than anything I’ve ever written. And parts of it are very scary.

    Sometimes I re-read what I’ve written and see the mistakes I made in my earlier projects. I slap my head and say, “Did you not learn anything? UGH!” Some things are bad habits (mostly pulled from my days as a journalist) and others are the result of trying to force what’s in my head onto the screen.

    When you start a new project, do you feel like you’re really starting over? That things that applied to your previous manuscripts don’t apply?

    My current WIP is especially daunting because I’m writing in an unfamiliar POV. Maybe it will be great, and maybe it will be a stepping stone to something even better. Only time (and editing) will tell.
  • It’s DONE!!!!!

    (Imagine me dancing and singing in my kitchen)

    I did it, I did it. I really, really did it. Oh yeah! Alright! I’m a rock star.

    My entire novel is WRITTEN. Sure it took ten months (really only eight if you don’t count the two months that I didn’t write at all), sucked the life out of me, and made me want to delete it at least a dozen times. But, IT. IS. DONE!!

    Am I ready to query? Heck no! Does it stink in a lot of places? Oh my goodness, yes. Yet, it has a beginning, middle and end. Not that I’m happy with the end (actually the last four chapters are making me crazy), but it’s done.

    AND THE EPILOGUE IS AWESOME! It was a little flash of brilliance in an otherwise dismal denouement. Not that the writing was perfect, but the idea is just lovely.

    I wish you all a season full of happy moments just like this one! WAHOOOOOOO!!!!
  • Writing the Climax

    I’m THERE! I’m so close to done I want to do a happy dance.

    Honestly, I think I’ve created enough momentum and done enough hint dropping that this ending should just fall into place.

    It should…but it’s not.

    Anyone ever had this issue before?

    (Happy dance has turned into stomping fit)