• Book Release

    My New Book Deal for STEALING HOME!!!

    Earlier this year, I posted on Instagram about how I was so very close to quitting. I’d completed a lot of manuscripts. *cough, cough* NINE *cough, cough* They’d all been edited, rewritten, redited, before they went on submission. A couple of them were cut at acquisition, which means an editor is willing to buy the story, but the marketing team didn’t think it would sell well. I’d gotten some really beautiful, heart-rending rejections.And I lost faith in myself.So many people responded to my Instagram post, both in the comments and privately, offering encouragement and advice. One very successful author said she’d been in the same position and her husband had…

  • YA Scavenger Hunt

    Fall YA Scavenger Hunt is here and so is LIVIA BLACKBURNE!! Go Red Team!

    Hello and welcome to the RED TEAM for Fall 2016 YA Scavenger Hunt!!  I’m so excited you’re here and playing along!  Today I have the pleasure of hosting the extremely talented Livia Blackburne, author of MIDNIGHT THIEF, DAUGHTER OF DUSK, and more!! If this is your first stop on the YA Scavenger Hunt, you’ll want to read the rules here  or if you know what’s going on then you’ll already know that somewhere on this page I’ve hidden a secret number for the RED TEAM and it will be in RED. After you’ll collected all the authors on the red team’s numbers, add them up, and enter it here. If you’re looking for my exclusive content (the secret…

  • YA Scavenger Hunt

    Fall YA Scavenger Hunt is starting SOON!!!

    Woo!! It’s that time of year!  The chance to win a TON of free books, hear about new stories and authors, get a sneak peek into what they’re working on, behind-the-scene secrets and other fun stuff is all starting will on October 4th!  (HINT: Mine has something to do with a character named Maribelle and her on-going fight against evil). I’ll be on the RED TEAM and will be hosting the talented and lovely Livia Blackburn, author of MIDNIGHT THIEF and DAUGHTER OF DUSK and more!! So come back on Tuesday and check it out! For more information, click on the big RED TEAM picture below and it will take you to…