Personality Quiz: Perspective

Alright folks. Today we’re going to pretend like my blog is Vogue (or some other fashion/pop culture/health magazine) and you’re going to take a little quiz. I will pose a situation and you will determine which of two ways you are most likely to react:

1. First thing in the morning, your husband says, “Man. You really look pregnant today.” You respond:
a) “Thanks for pointing it out, Jack#$%.”
b) “I know! Isn’t it awesome that the baby has grown so much!”

2. You step on the scale and find that you’ve gained two pounds…since yesterday. You say to yourself:
a) “Holy Schnikes! What did I eat?”
b) “Maybe this baby will be super chubby! I’m so excited she’ll be healthy.”

3. The Weather Channel reports that it’s going to be 73 degrees and sunny. You say:
a) “Ah crap. The kids are going to want to go outside, so I better go poop
scoop the lawn.”
b) “Oh what a beautiful morning! Oh what a beautiful day! I’ve got a wonderful
feeling, everything’s going my way!”

4. While poop scooping the lawn, your puppy attacks your three-year-old dragging her out of the treehouse by her pant leg. You respond:
a) “I’m giving that dog away! NOW!”
b) “It’s so great that the dog is playing with the children. I’m so glad she’s
such a good watch dog.”

5. When the dog jumps on you and spreads poop all over your clothes (for the second time that morning), you say:
a) “No really. I’m calling the pound.”
b) “Well…I guess this is just a sign that I should spend my day working in
the garden.”

6. While working in your strawberry plot, you look over and notice that your five-year-old is filling your three-year-old’s hood with mud. You:
a) Freak out, yell at him, and send him into the house.
b) Laugh hysterically and then help him dump it out.

7. When you check your email you get a response from an agent you’ve been waiting on. Before opening it, you say:
a) “This better be good. Today can’t get much worse.”
b) “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! What is it going to say?”

8. When you finally get the guts to open the email and it’s something positive, you say:
a) “Well, it’s about freaking time.”
b) “Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Alright! I’m awesome.” (All while dancing around the
kitchen and making your kids laugh.)

A = 0 points
B = 1 point

For those of you who scored 7 or more points: Seriously? Polly Anna’s got nothing on you! You’re like a walking Disney movie…can you sing birds out of the trees?

For those of you who scored 4 to 6 points: Congratulations. You’re normal. Some things just flat out suck, and no matter what spin you put on it, it still sucks. Glad you were able to find a bright side!

For those of you who scored less than 3 points: Maybe you need a nap. Sleeping always makes me feel a little less grouchy.

And for those of you who scored 0 points: Yeah…you need to change your perspective! Find SOMETHING to laugh at.

We can’t always be happy. But I’m a firm believer that most of the time we make our own happy. Yesterday morning stunk (what…you didn’t get that this quiz was based on actual events?), and it would have been so easy to put on a movie for my kids, climb into bed and cry (after I changed out of the dog poop covered clothes, of course). Cause that’s productive! If I’d done that, then I would have woken up to a mound of laundry, two crazy kids, and a hungry (which=unhappy) hubby.

Sometimes I find my happy in a bag of chocolate, a conversation with a good friend, or a successful day of cleaning and organizing. Sometimes it’s in a well-written paragraph or a hug from my wee ones. Sometimes it’s in a few quiet moments of personal time.

Is there any particular thing that you do to turn your day around? What helps you find your happy?


  • Lindsay N. Currie

    I laughed like a loon at these and I think I fall somewhere in the middle. Most of the time I’m pretty positive but I have some ugly days too where I just can’t put that happy spin on things. I’m so glad you got good news yesterday:)

  • Shari

    These are hilarious and I have to admit I didn’t really keep score. I was too busy laughing and picturing myself with dog poop on my clothes. I think I just try to hang in there and hope a good night’s sleep will make the next day better.

  • Lola Sharp

    Hehe. Oh man, I’ve had days like that. But, srsly, poop is my kryptonite. I would laugh off all of the above, except the poop getting on me part…that part would make me:

    c) Barf

    I hope you day is better today. πŸ™‚
    Terrific blog you have here.


  • Susanna Leonard Hill

    These are so funny! I especially liked the one about filling the hood with mud πŸ™‚ It must have been a phase of the moon or something – I had one of those days yesterday, too, where I was pretty much thinking my career was over (which it may well be, but at least this morning I’m able to pretend there may still be hope :)) and then I got a thank you note in the mail from a class I visited a couple weeks ago that was so nice it reminded me that there are always good things in the world if you can manage to notice them. I hope today your hubby tells you look radiant (which I’m sure you do!) and your kids all behave like angels so you get lots of writing time πŸ™‚

  • Jen Daiker

    I’m at work reading this ‘Vogue’ quiz giggling wildly and I kid you not my co-workers are concerned. This was amazing! Too fun!!!

    I stopped in from Tiptoe Kisses blog! I love finding new people! As you can tell I’m clearly new here πŸ™‚

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