A Good Book Helps Me Get Through the Day

I love, love, love to multi-task! Here’s what I’ve been doing while reading Kiersten White’s stellar first novel, Paranormalcy.
Getting on the treadmill is always more rewarding if you’re looking forward to the next chapter. I haven’t fallen off the treadmill yet…although my little boy told me this morning that I should really wear a helmet if I’m going to walk and read. Sad, but true.

Off to the park! Did you know you can read and push the swing at the same time? Being a “good mom” can be really entertaining. (Lots of sunblock. We wouldn’t want the screen to fade!)

Folding laundry doesn’t seem nearly so dreary with Evie’s snarky dialogue.

Soccer practice flies-by. Too bad I actually had to get off my duff to play goal keeper. Evie just couldn’t cut it. Perhaps it’s because she doesn’t have Tasey with her…or a third-dimension.

“You do your homework, and I’ll do mine!”
And yes, there is Dr. Pepper in that sippy cup. Sometimes “good mom” is hard for me.

And now Paranormalcy is motivating me to finish my manuscript. Evie said, I really, really need to rewrite that make-out-in-the-park scene.
Thanks Kiersten for the fun contest on your blog!
I’d love a hard copy of Paranormalcy to add to my library.