A Wrench in Your Plans

Your car won’t start. The power goes out. You wake up with a cold. Your kid falls in the toilet when he’s already dressed for school.*

There are a million things that can (and usually do) go wrong every single day — things that trip you up, slow you down, frustrate you to the nth degree.

In life those little Murphies** are just plain irritating! But I sort of love them when they happen in my writing.

I don’t plot in the traditional sense. I have a mental map of where my story is going, but sometimes my characters mess it all up. They don’t react the way I expect them to, or their feelings are more intense than I originally planned…or sometimes they blow up cars.

Do you let Murphies into your stories, or do you always have “control” of everything that’s happening in your plot?

I’ve found that my manuscripts are more intense, action-packed and interesting when I don’t edit out those little surprises (seriously…who saw the crocodile wrestler showing up in my new WIP?)

Now if I could only convince myself to accept the Murphies in my real life…

*Yeah…that happend today.
**Murphies are the results of Murphy’s Law. I sort of like the way it sounds. Maybe we can coin a phrase like, “I hope you don’t get Murphed today.” Or something like that.


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