And the Critiques Go To…

This was not easy.  I read all the queries at least three times, made a list, checked it twice and am ready to post the winners (in alphabetical order):

1. Dora Mitchell
2. Jess
3. Laura
4. Lynda R. Young
5. Margo Berendsen
6. Red Boot Pearl
7. Red Leg
8. Rebecca
9. Taryn
10.  Theresa Pocock

Thank you all for entering and participating!  As I mentioned before, if your query wasn’t picked and you want to know why, email me at becky underscore vallett at hotmail dot com.  Please include the query in the body of the email so I can critique it! 

For the winners:  Please send your ten pages to becky underscore vallett at hotmail dot com as an attached Word document.  It’s too hard to critique and provide edits on that much material in an email.  I’m trusting that none of you are spammers or will give me a virus!

I’m a super fast reader and can have your pages back to you in less than three days. Which means (hopefully), that I’ll have the next round of winners up by say…next Monday? (I’d really like it to be earlier, but that depends on you guys getting me your pages).

And as a note:  I’d also really like to thank Stasia from Writer on the Side for coming to my rescue last night. She responded to my tweet and put me over 200 followers!  Stasia ROCKS!!  And her book AUDITION is coming out soon, which (as a former dancer and lover of all things dance) I can’t wait to read.  Good luck Stasia! 


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