Big Bites

My son has horrible table manners. We’ve really been working on the don’t-take-a-bite-till-you-chew-and-swallow-what’s-already-in-your-mouth rule. It’s getting better. I haven’t had to rescue him (read: grab a napkin so he can spit out a bite too big to chew) for a long time.

We adults may have reasonable table manners, but in life we (and by that I mean me) try to take on more than we can handle. We have such good intentions! We want to have lovely, happy families that live in sparklingly clean homes and eat healthy meals – at least six days each week. We want to be good spouses, friends and neighbors who deliver holiday treats and take meals to sick people. We want to serve our community and volunteer.

And somehow in all of this we also want to write books that are readable and exciting and maybe (just maybe) publishable.

It’s a big bite – a mouth-filling, slobbery, spit-into-a-napkin kind of bite.

I’m not a good goal maker. But if I’m going to make a goal this year, it’s one that has to make me feel better. I’m not talking losing weight, folks. (Hello! I’m pregnant!) I’m thinking something more along the lines of breathing. This year I want to be good at all the things I’ve listed above, but not kick myself if I can’t do it everyday.

If we eat leftovers or grilled cheese sandwiches, or (gasp) McDonald’s once in a while, it’s going to be okay. If my floors don’t get vacuumed twice each week, I’ll take a deep breath and be grateful for the dog who eats the crumbs. If I can’t fingerpaint, teach silent e, and spend an hour cuddling (everyday), my children will live and likely still be functional adults.

In 2011, I’m going to be okay. I don’t have to be a rock star, I just have to do the best at the things I can do.

What are your goals for 2011?


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