Book Review: Evermore (Immortals: #1)

Evermore (The Immortals, #1)Evermore by Alyson Noel
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

If you read my recent rant about all the things that irritate me about popular YA Fiction (and I really should narrow that to YA Paranormal Romance) then you’ll be surprised that I actually (sort of) liked Evermore.

Does it break the mold? Not really. The love interest is still overly-accomplished, the aunt (the main character’s parents are deceased) is still oblivious, and the author refers to classic literature.

The only reason it is a two-star novel (I’d actually give it 2.5, but Goodreads still doesn’t give halves) is….the love interest isn’t a werewolf or vampire. He’s an immortal, which really just means he’s a vampire minus the blood sucking part.

I had a couple major issues with Evermore:

  1. The character’s names. Who in the world names their child Ever?
  2. The explanation of Damen’s (the love interest) immortality is frou-frou. (Translation: I don’t think the author really knew how he became an immortal, so she just hinted at it).
  3. You think it ends. And then it doesn’t. I mean honestly, how many times is the bad guy going to attempt to kill the good guy?
  4. Apparently being an immortal gives you some awesome powers that go completely unexplained. I’m assuming that Alyson Noel works them out in the subsequent novels.

It wasn’t a bad book. Evermore sucked me in because I wanted to see what exactly made Damen immortal. Was he really just a vampire in disguise? You decide.

P.S. Had one other thought…I love that Damen had some serious romantic history. Can you name another novel where the main paranormal character had previous relationships?

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