Don’t be so shocked.

Two book reviews in a week is sort of a record for me too.  It means that I’ve had a lot of time on my hands and that I’ve read two great books!  Those are things we should cheer for!

You may remember that I reviewed Kasie (pronounced KAY-see, for those of you who wondered) West’s debut PIVOT POINT a few months ago and loved that it was a paranormal that read like a fantastic contemporary.  So it’s no surprise that THE DISTANCE BETWEEN US was a fantastic contemporary. 

Here’s why:

Lots of YA characters are sarcastic, but MC Caymen Meyers manages to have dry wit without being bitter.  Sometimes teen angst gets to me, guys.  Yes, most teenagers are the (self-appointed) centers of their personal universes.  Everyone and their dog is out to destroy said teenagers’ lives.  Caymen has plenty of reasons to be bitter, to lash out at her mother, to hate being poor, and spending all of her spare time at their (slightly creepy) family-owned doll store.  Does Caymen make jokes about her life?  Of course.  Does she accept it and do the best she can to enjoy the good points?  Yep.  I love that Caymen faces her reality with a sense of humor, but without spending every moment counting her woes.  There are times when she’s a bit selfish, a typical teenager, but they are tempered by her love for mother and her acceptance of who she is.  *claps* Nicely done, Kasie.

Parents exist and are flawed people.  Parents want what they think is best for their children.  Now what they think is best may be a far distance from a) what their child wants and b) what may actually be the best.  I love that the parents are loving, imperfect individuals and that they figure both into the plot and into the character development. 

The story is sexy without the sex.  I really loved and appreciated the slow-building relationship between Caymen and Xander.  They start out as friends and become more than that.  It’s sweet and real, and the kind of relationship you wish every teenager could experience. 

As I said in my tweet right after I finished book, the story is the Perfect Summer Read.  It’s flirty and fun with great characters and fantastic dialogue.  If you’re looking for something to read poolside or at the beach, THE DISTANCE BETWEEN US is a perfect fit. 


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