Book Review: The Last Knight (Book 1: The Knight and Rouge Series)

If you haven’t read any of Hilari Bell’s novels, you should.

The Last Knight, the first novel in The Knight and Rouge Series, is a delightful read. The interplay between the protagonists – Sir Michael Severson, a knight errant and his freshly-reformed squire, Fisk – is witty and entertaining. Their misbegotten adventure to return damsel not-so-in-distress to the prison they mistakenly freed her from is a well-plotted and cleanly written (unlike that sentence).

Readers of Bell’s Farsala Trilogy may notice that Severson and Fisk’s characters could slip into the aforementioned series with ease. Fisk is another rendition of Farsala’s main character, Kavi. Both are highly intelligent thieves with detailed backstories, and intense ties to home and family. Even their horses are remarkably quirky – Fisk’s horse likes to get drunk, and Kavi’s horse is infatuated with ducks. Severson could easily replace Patrius.

But I love the Farsala Trilogy, and highly recommend it. Thus, I don’t mind seeing the resurrection of a few good men.


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