Book Review: Warbreaker

WarbreakerWarbreaker by”>Brandon Sanderson
My rating:″>3 of 5 stars

Warbreaker would have been a great novel if:
1. Brandon Sanderson divided into two books with a third to complete the plot
2. It wasn’t so freaking long (solved by point No. 1)
3. He had time to explain the backstory (solved with either a prequel or point No.1)

Sanderson has an incredible imagination. I loved his Mistborn series and Elantris (his best standalone novel, in my opinion). He creates worlds unlike anything I’ve ever read…scoot over Dungeons and Dragons.

Warbreaker was almost 600 pages long. Yes, I understand that he needed the majority of those pages to explain the characters powers and their relationships. Some of the characters were so fleshed out that they could have walked off the pages, while others were mere shadows.

The plot was fine, although it left the reader wondering if another book would follow or if Sanderson just got tired of writing. As far as I know (and I could be wrong) Warbreaker doesn’t have a sequel.”>View all my reviews