Can I live in deamland for five mintues?

Let’s pretend Saw It Coming got published, was an international best-seller, and was purchased for a major motion picture.

When you’re done laughing and you’ve wiped your tears, you can read the rest of this post.

Done yet? Good.

Okay, so in my pretend world I get to help cast the roles.

I’d like to introduce you to Travis Van Winkle. He had a tiny role in the first Transformers movie (which I watched this weekend while I was laying on the couch being worthless). I started laughing hysterically when I saw him because he’s the perfect face for Carter. Carter is a stud football player with a bad attitude toward women. He’s super possessive of my female MC, Gabby.
Right here I had a picture of the nerdy kid from Glee. But since I’m working on my husband’s computer today and (the people who infected my computer with a virus SUCK!!!) I can’t get it back. His skin isn’t bad enough, but he’s still a pretty good fit for my character Wes.

This is Willa Holland. Brown hair, green eyes, gorgeous body…yep, she’s a perfect fit for the temptress, Juliana, in my story.

Finding the perfect petite blond actress was much harder than you may have guessed. Emma Roberts isn’t exactly who I imagined as Gabby…but she’ll work. Does she look like a girl who can play tennis, is naive, sweet, sheltered, and maybe a little spoiled? If so, then I’ve got the right girl.
And now for the actor that will drive all the ladies to the box office.
After a long and difficult search (on Google under the term “Male Brazilian Models”) I give you…
Arthur Sales
Brazilian men have a very specific look. They aren’t European, they aren’t South American. They are Brazilian (trust me…I spent three days living in the Brazilian All-Male Military Academy). So the guy who was cast to play the male MC, Sam Oliveira, has to have that look.
For those of you who have read my book, what do you think? Did I nail Sam? (Get your minds out of the gutter. That’s not what I meant!)
Here’s one more picture of Arthur/Sam, just for good measure.
Thanks for visiting my dreamland! I’ll invite you back for another trip when I need to deviate from reality. Which seems to happen a lot lately…hmmm.


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