• Friends

    I was standing around with a couple of ladies (read: play date) discussing the TV shows that identified our generation. Punky Brewster, Saved By the Bell, 90210, and of course Friends were on the list. We remembered specific episodes, phrases, and hair and fashion styles.

    Each of us were from a different state and our ages ranged almost a decade, but those shows were common ground. We all knew what “The Rachel” hair cut was and remembered high school boys trying to grow really thick, really long side burns like Jason Priestly.

    So my question is, what is the one show that teenagers today are ALL watching? When they are post-collegiate adults, what will be their common denominator?

    Honestly, I don’t there is one. I don’t think you will be able to group ten teenagers and find that they all watch Glee,Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, American Idol or any of the dozen other shows popular now. There is so much more on television now that is targeted to that (and a slightly older *clears throat*) demographic.

    How are television shows effecting catch phrases and fashion now?

    On the flipside, I think more teenagers are reading now than they did when I was younger. Did our B&N even have a YA section? Not that I remember. We had kids books and adult books. There wasn’t much between.

    Maybe the Future Park-Goers of America will discuss the books they read when they were young and quote lines from characters? (Imagining young moms giggling while they mimic Edward saying, “I watch you while you sleep.”) Any thoughts?