I only have six minutes to do this post. Ready, set, go!

My awesome friend Lindsay Currie posted on her blog today about impatience. I’m not going to rewrite her post because it’s lovely and you can read it yourselves. But, I’ll give you the one sentence that it is eating me alive, “We need to be patient enough to be our own advocate.”

This is really, really difficult for some of us — me especially. Baby No. 3 is due in exactly three months. May 26th feels like a real DEADLINE. I want to have an agent by then, I want to finish my current WIP before then, I want to have a ms ready for submission to an editor. I also want to paint the baby’s bedroom, refinish the deck, and have my puppy perfectly trained. Let’s be honest. Not all of that is going to happen.

What I need to do is get real. No matter how many queries I send out (even perfectly written queries full of action and voice) there is no guarantee that I’m going to get a response or even a rejection in three months.

There are some things we just can’t control.

And I’m going to try really hard to be okay with that.


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