Do You Spend More Time Reading or Writing?

So NaNoWriMo hasn’t been as…successful…as I hoped (read: epic failure). I got Murphied a lot, more than even my weaksauce goal could have accounted for. 

While I’ve been dealing with life’s little surprises, I have been able to read several books.  Now you’re probably wondering how it’s possible to have time to read but not to write.  Let me explain: You can read in waiting rooms, while you’re folding laundry, and chilling in the car pool line.  A lap top just doesn’t fit between me and the steering wheel. 

You can also read when your brain is only sort of functioning. Sometimes it’s nice to sit down and not have to think, but just absorb the story and material. 

Do you guys spend a lot of time reading?  How does reading influence your writing?

When I go on a book binge, I waffle between frustrated and motivated, between gosh-this-is-so-good and holy-crap-how-did-this-ever-get-published.

Right now I actually feel rejuvenated.  So I’m going to go use that energy to get some writing done. 

(BTW, I won’t be reviewing anything I read, especially not INHERITANCE.  Those of you who know my review policy, should be able to get that message.) 


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