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Do you have any idea how beautiful the world is? There are so many incredible things out there, on earth, that I had to borrow some of my favorite images to help me illustrate Santarem, the world of THE STORYSPINNER.

Take for instance, the araucaria pine tree (above) and its glorious reaching branches.  It may have the world’s best silhouette.  AND this tree, plays a pretty significant role in my story.

If you think that’s awesome, here are five more pictures that inspired me as I wrote Johanna and Rafi’s story.

1.  Performer’s Tent

Performers Tent

2. A Performer’s Wagon

Family Wagon
Tea Towels and photo from Handmade by Charlotte photo shoot

3.  A Bugio (Monkey)

Photo credit: Helio Silva

4. Donovan’s Wall

Donvan's Wall
Photo Credit: Lara Klopper

5. Belem’s Estate

Belem's Estate
Green fields of the summer sea by Ricardo Bevilaqua


Review copies of my book are making their way to readers, reviewers, and bloggers. Paper back versions are being sent out by Simon & Schuster, and e-galleys are available on Edelweiss.  I can’t wait for the world to meet the people and see the places that have occupied so much space in my head for the last two years!

If you wanted to pre-order (and I’m never opposed to that), my book is up on Amazon!  AHH!!  How crazy is that?  My book. The book I wrote is a thing that people can buy.  I feel all excited and itchy and a whole lot nervous about that!

Oh! If you’re interested, I have a whole board on Pinterest devoted to THE KEEPER’S CHRONICLES.  You are welcome to check it out.


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