Five Things that Make Me Spastically Happy (at least this week)

A wise person once said, “You’re not really grateful until you say it out loud.” I’m taking that advice and telling ya’ll about the things that are making my life just a little better/easier/ more enjoyable. Hopefully, they’ll make you a little happier too!

1.  Getting 500 words written every day. It’s not much, but it’s achievable and I’m doing it!  Succeeding in that little goal is a big deal right now! (Thus the laptop in the background)

2.  Fuzzy Baby Heads.  Nothing is as wonderful as rubbing your cheek against a super soft, sweetly-scented, brand new baby head!  Especially when that baby smiles at you (okay…so she sort of looks like an old man, but you have to admit it’s a pretty cute grin).  If babies don’t do it for you, check out this super cute kitten.  It’s fuzzy too.

3.  That my five-year-old wants to be an author/illustrator.  When my mom came to visit, she gave me lots of great ideas that I can use to encourage my little boy to read and write.  His favorite activity is for me to give him a story prompt.  He tells me the tale, I write it, we read it together, and then he illustrates the story.  Here’s the one he did about bank robbers:
4.  Treats that come in bulk. Why yes I did eat two pounds of chocolate-covered pomegranate seeds this week, and they were delicious.  The skindiddy’s (baked cheese fry straw thingies that taste like sour cream and cheddar chips) are yumtastic too! 

5. The Footloose Trailer.  So You Think You Can Dance debuted the full-length Footloose trailer on Wednesday, and I squealed like a little girl.  I have fantastic memories of watching the original with my family when it was broadcast on television.  Even my dad (and his two left feet) got up and danced during the last scene.  The new plot may stink, the acting may be terrible, but it doesn’t really matter!  It’s guaranteed to have some great music and fantastic dance scenes.  I can not wait till October! 


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