Getting Some Nook-y!

I designed my first library when I was eleven. My dad had an old school drafting board in our basement and I used it draw the “perfect” library.

This imaginary library was going to be in the turret tower of the mansion I intended to own when I cured cancer and won an Oscar.

I was only going to own hardback books. Paperbacks were (and still are) so ugly, and colorful. I wanted bright, solid-colored spines with metallic print.

It was a beautiful, light-filled dream. I saw myself snuggled into a deep leather chair, next to a cedar-scented fire, a book resting neatly between palms.

And now I own a Nook. My husband bought it for my birthday. It was a surprisingly thoughtful gift and has certainly ensured the demise of my my turret-tower library.

I’ve only had the Nook since Sunday, but have already developed some strong feelings toward it. If you’re interested in getting one, read on.

  • It’s lightweight. I read while on the treadmill this morning without getting a horrific cramp in my arm, or falling off.
  • It’s easy on the eyes. The page looks just like a book. The words are vibrant and clear, and you can change or enlarge the font.
  • You can read a new book without going to the bookstore! And the books are cheaper. For me this equals more books. WAHOO!!
  • I’ve already pre-ordered two books, which will automatically download to my Nook when they are available. No driving across town, waiting in line and paying a fortune for a new book that may or may not be in stock. Mockingjay will be at my fingertips in approximately nine hours.
  • It can go everywhere! It fits perfectly in my purse and has an airplane mode.


  • You can’t lend a good book. Well…that’s not completely true. But the recipient has to have a Nook, you can only lend each book once, and it can only be “checked out” for 14 days.
  • It doesn’t glow in the dark. I read a lot at night and my hubby gets a little miffed when I leave the light on while he is sleeping.
  • You only see one page at a time. I read really fast, and having to turn a page every ten seconds is a pain in the butt.
  • Sometimes it freezes up. You never have to reboot a book.
  • You have to charge it. It takes about three hours to charge completely. That wouldn’t be a problem, but the cord is really short.
  • I’m a little nervous to take it to the pool. You drop one book in the pool and you lose it. Your Nook gets wet and you lose your whole library.

I am really happy with my Nook. I can have my personal library, but I don’t need a room to house it. I’m not going to stop buying hardback books completely. There are some classics that I feel every home needs – Jane Eyre, Tom Sawyer, Macbeth, The Twilight Series. I don’t want to lend out my Nook when my kids want to read. I want them to be able to pick a novel off a shelf, cuddle up on a leather chair by our gas fireplace (that’s never been lit) and enjoy a good story.


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