Help Me Figure This Out…

Jennifer Wegner is pretty much my idol.

If you’re reading this, Jen, don’t get all embarrassed or humble because what I’m about to say is totally true! She’s creative and thoughtful and kind to everyone. Jen is also SO organized. I want to be her for just one day, so that I can see how she gets everything done and is a wonderful wife and mother. If you don’t believe me, check out her blog One Project a Day. She actually does a project everyday. What? How?

(Jen: Do you not sleep? I know you clean and cook good meals and love your kids. So I’m guessing it must be the no-sleep thing…except you’re always pretty happy. I don’t do “happy mommy” with less than six hours.)

Or maybe Jen (and other moms) are just faster than me? Do I take to long to get stuff done?

Somebody out there help me figure out what to cut out or speed up. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Total hours in a week: 168
Total already used: 149.5 (it’s a rough estimate)

  • 49 hrs sleeping
  • 2.5 hrs studying scriptures
  • 5.25 hrs working out (I did give this up for a while…bad results)
  • 7 hrs getting ready (I know it’s hard to believe. Maybe I should stop shaving my legs or washing my hair?)
  • 3.5 hrs getting kids ready (partially why it takes me so long to get ready)
  • 5 hrs shopping (it’s a LONG drive to the good and cheap grocery store; also includes Target/Costco trips)
  • 3.5 hrs driving to and from Gavin’s school (another LONG drive)
  • 20 hrs for Primary related work (some weeks it’s way more)
  • 2 hours for “Journaling” (includes both blogs)
  • 11 hrs cleaning (It’s not as crazy as it sounds. It takes me 4 hours to clean my house top to bottom with floors mopped. And I figure I spend 7+ hours doing dishes, picking up, cleaning disasters, etc.)
  • 4.75 hrs reading to my kids
  • 10.5 hrs preparing meals (For breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some days more, some less, a good average)
  • 5 hrs doing laundry (ironing Jamie’s shirts and work clothes bite. However, 4 hours of this is done in front of television πŸ™‚
  • 3.5 hrs emailing or checking stuff out online (I could cut down a little here)
  • 6 hrs in church meetings
  • 2.5 hrs gardening (watering, weeding, etc.)
  • 2 hrs at soccer games
  • 3 hrs at the park (sometimes more)
  • 3.5 hrs convincing Gavin to nap (then I get 2 uninterrupted hours in the afternoon)

If my formula is correct, I should have 2.64 hour each day to do the “stuff” that I want to do.

I need more time than that. I would love to have 4 hours each day devoted to writing.

Can someone please help me figure this out?


  • Jen

    Uh, you are so wrong about me…and I’ve cut my crafting down to nights & weekends only, so I’m not being successful everyday anymore.

    Now, if I added all of your primary & church stuff, I’d be totally out of luck. Did you notice my creativity started after I was released?

    Plus, I’m not nearly as good of a person or mom as you. Sorry…it’s true. But thanks for the public shout out anyway πŸ˜‰

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