How does appearance affect plot?

Here’s the good news. Almost everything that I’ve written in the previous two posts is ALREADY in the book. Do those things affect the plot? You bet!

Annie’s appearance (internal and external) are exactly the reasons she’s forced to go to the Betrothing Ball. Her relationship with Caellen—since she’s supposed to interested in his brother—is a source of conflict.

Emma’s attitude toward nobility creates great friction with Chisholm. Her gift puts her in great danger, so she has to go somewhere else. And her safety zone happens to be a place that doesn’t recognize social status.

At least I’ve got something going for me.

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  • Diana

    For Read My Mind, looks definitely played a part–Kate looking like her mother was important to the story line. Interesting though, b/c I didn’t really think about it beforehand. It just sorta happened.

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