I Found It!

So it came a little later than lunch time, but my happy finally showed up. Here’s where I found it:
  • In a nap with a cuddly two-year old
  • A cup of pebbled ice (which I crunched really loudly!)
  • A bag of Cadbury chocolate
  • Two kids fascination with “snow puddles” (umm…yuck.)
  • A short line at the post office
  • Under the semi-frozen toes of my five-year-old (“Mom, I’m pretty sure there’s ice in them!)
  • An unexpected, but much anticipated, package in the mail

Did any of these things change Virginia and a lot of the stupidity that occurs here? No. But a few little things (especially the nap) changed my attitude enough that I can ignore the things that are bothering me and quit pining for real Mexican food for a few more months.


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