I have no idea what I’m doing…

While I’m waiting for my betas to finish editing “Saw it Coming,” I started work on my new project. It’s been brewing in my head for a LONG time, and I knew the chapters would spit themselves out if I just sat down at the computer long enough.

I’ve written four chapters in the last two days. It’s a good thing, I promise. Except that this story is telling itself in first person past tense. Ummm…what? Do I know how to write in that POV?

No. I don’t think I do.

Third person is easy for me. Most of the time words flow onto the page and I don’t have to think very much about tense, internal thought, action scenes. First person is a whole different animal.

Did a little research last night on the subject and found some great articles on the First vs. Third debate. Some people have very strong opinions including:
  • “First person is beginning writer’s mistake”
  • “First person is the accepted voice for YA”
  • “Stories with multiple characters and viewpoints should be told in third person”
  • “Voice is more identifiable in first person”

There was no consensus on which was the “right” way to tell a story. I’ve read fantastic novels told in just either POV.

Which POV do you prefer to write in? And do different stories, in your opinion, require a different POV?


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