I survived January! I guess it’s time for resolutions

January hates me. The miserable month rolls around and my life, my schedule, my everything dissolves into some sort of chaos. Last year, I was pregnant and coughed so hard I cracked a couple ribs.  This year, I moved across the country, lived with my in-laws for several weeks, took my kids to the doctors six different times (not an exaggeration), and closed on a new house.

But it’s over. January is vanquished for another 11 months!  *raises fist triumphantly*

I’m not big on resolutions because they all get broken before January ends — I mean, hello, the month tries to kill me!  Who can blame a girl for an ice cream binge or seven when her world is ending?

I’ve made an executive decision (I like saying executive. It makes me think I’m like actually in charge of my life. *sigh* If only that were true).  If I’m going to make resolutions, I’m not going to do it until the more survivable month of February.

Look at that!  It’s February.  The groundhog saw his shadow and everything.  It’s time to resolve to do some stuff.  Here’s what I’ve got:

My Goals for 2014

  1. Write two new books and edit a third.  It’s not much of a goal since I actually, contractually,  have to write that much this year, but laying it out there gives me a little box I can check off. I’m all about checking off boxes.  It makes me feel so successful, you know?
  2. Write every single day.  Notice there is no required word count there?  Yeah. That’s intentional.  I’d like to say, “I’ll write 1K per day!” But let’s get real, people.  My world falls apart for a few days every single month. I have to be grateful for the 500 word days.  I have to be grateful for the 50 word days. This goal is going to be tough, but if I’m reasonable, it might just be attainable.
  3. Eat less crap. ‘Nuff said.
  4. Blog weekly.  So far I’m rocking this goal. I’m finding that it’s all about organization and scheduling posts in advance.  You’re all saying, “Duh, Becky.”  But sometimes I’m a wee bit slow on the uptake.
  5. Be more awesome.  This goal sort of falls in line with the “Do Better.”  Goals are supposed to be specific and whatnot, but I think that by making a conscious effort to be a little more awesome (thoughtful, patient, motivated, etc.) then I might actually succeed. I’m hoping that when I’m yelling at my kids (what? It totally happens) or trying to cheat my way through a difficult scene I can just say to myself, “Come on, Beck. Be a little more awesome!” and then the mantra will help.  Positive thinking is supposed to work.  And that’s me thinking positive. 😉

Alright folks, I’m sure you’re thinking, there’s nothing terribly uplifting or motivating about that list.  And that’s okay.  That list is real. It’s achievable. And sometimes we need to make goals we actually have a chance at reaching. 




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