It’s #FantasticFriday! Here’s quote #3!

SKY teaser5

Four weeks to go!!  SKYLIGHTER will be here, and Jo and Rafi’s story will be complete!  WAHOOO!!!  I wish it was all light and romantic, but alas, this story is as fraught with peril as the STORYSPINNER, but with even more magic and battle…you know…for people who like that sort of thing. Lke me.

And speaking of THE STORYSPINNER, the paperback will be out on March 22!  If you order it, or a hard back, or an e-version and send me a pic of your receipt and your address and I’ll mail you an autographed copy of the bookplate map and swag pack!!

SantaremMapLovely, right?

Here’s a little link to make it easier for you. 😉 Right now the paperback is on sale for $7.77, which I personally think is a cool number.

Have a Fantastic Friday, y’all!!


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