It’s time for story time!

I can’t write a memoir. The major selling points for that genre are lessons learned and shared wisdom. Yeah…I’m a little short in both of those categories. But I do have a lot of true-life stories, mostly comical and embarrassing, that I’m willing to share.

I’ve decided that for the sake of my posterity, I’m going to write them down. Maybe in twenty years I’ll be able to look back and see the lessons I still haven’t managed to glean. Or not, and I’ll just succeed at making a fool of myself. Either way, it will be fun!

Starting Monday I will post a different story every day. Don’t worry they won’t be philosophical or sad (I don’t do tear jerkers). You can read and laugh along if you wish. At the end of the week there will be a contest with prizes! Hooray for free stuff!!

Here’s what is in store:
  • The Date That Tried to Kill Me (Three Times)
  • Most Embarrassing Story: Round One
  • Most Embarrassing Story: Round Two
  • The Stalkers
  • The Real-Life Story That’s So Crazy You Might Not Believe It (Hint: This story involves a MLB baseball player, being kidnapped and half-naked in an airport)

Tune in to play along and make fun of me! It should be a blast!


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