Just Do It!

The people who owned our home before us weren’t exactly my kind of clean (translation: I’m a little OCD and they were a little Hoarder-esque). Before we moved in last year, I hired a professional cleaning company to spruce up the house. To phrase it politely, I wouldn’t recommend their services to anyone who, ya know, breathes.

I’ve cleaned every surface in this home eight bajillion times, and no matter my efforts I’ve always felt like I’m living in someone else’s dirt. Yep. NASTY.

We’re spending a small fortune having the main floor of the home painted, including the laundry room. I knew the cleaning service did not clean beneath the washer and dryer (they conveyed with the home), but I’ve avoided the chore for a whole year.

Today I finally did it. I pulled the washer away from the wall, threw up in my mouth and then grabbed the vacuum. My son peeked over my shoulder and yelled, “Mommy! How did they get so much mud in the house?”

Mud was the least of my problem. I also found:
  • enough Legos to build a small city
  • .45 cents (mostly pennies)
  • Dancing With the Stars’ costume beading department
  • a shoe’s insole
  • a headband
  • two half-pair of earrings
  • and this…

The complete first season of Grey’s Anatomy.
Dare I wonder what will be under the dryer? I KNOW that toilet wand is not mine.
The moral of this story: sometimes you just have to do things you don’t want to do. Like, for instance, sit down and finish a manuscript. It’s hard work, it’s time consuming, it may make you throw up a little. But you’ll feel so much better when it’s done! (Again, a lot like puking)
I’m off to write. Wish me luck.

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