Knowing What You Really Want

I want a book deal.
I want a dozen starred reviews.
I want to work with an editor who loves me and my stories.
I want to make enough money that my husband can work at a job he loves, and not one that simply pays the bills. 
I want to eat pizza and chocolate and not worry about the calories. 
I want to refinish my deck and gut my bathrooms by myself. 
I also want a perfectly clean and organized house, healthy home cooked meals seven days per week made from ingredients from my organic garden, children who are well-behaved, well-rounded and adore me. I want to be an active member of my church and community, a dependable volunteer, and an excellent friend. 

I want everything to fit into my vision of perfect.

Really, is that so much to ask for?  Ummm….yes.  The good news is that I’m not afraid of hard work.  I could gut my bathrooms by myself, but everything else on that list would have to go on the back burner for like months.

That’s sort of the crux for the entire list. To achieve some of those things, I have to sacrifice others.  So even though I know what I want, I have to know what I really want (and maybe what I really need) and which of those items actually rely on my actions. 

It’s challenging.  It’s frustrating.  It is what it is….and hopefully this year, it will also be whatever I make it. 

Here’s to making it in 2013. 




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