Little Nuggets of Wonderfulness

I watched The House Bunny on Saturday. (Please withhold all your snarky remarks till later. Thank you.) I was stuck on a section of dialogue with my WIP, so I laid on the couch, snuggled my puppy and watched something that didn’t require any thought.

I laughed, coveted Anna Faris’ perfect body (seriously people…she’s per-fect), and remembered the Clueless days of old. Not that House Bunny was as good as Clueless. I mean, hello, nothing was a good as Clueless.

Anywho. But one line from the movie caught my attention and stuck with me all weekend. A group of sorority girls is visiting an old folks home and the manager thanks them for their kindness. The MC, Shelly, responds, “Kindness is just love with its work boots on.”

I didn’t expect anything quotable from the movie, and was pleasantly surprised by that little nugget of wonderfulness.

And since I’m in a sharing mood, I’d also like to share a link to the Second Writers’ Platform-Building Crusade. Join up and you can share all sort of wonderfulness with other folks who are interested in writing, reading, and other goodness.

Go forth Crusaders! Find treasured writer-friends online!


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