Make this better!

Sometimes when I’m writing, I take “me”out. My personal voice is a little spastic, random, and a goofy.

Now when I’m writing in character – especially a guy or a say, a quiet girl – it makes sense to sound like someone else. But guess what? I also do it on my blog. I’m pretty sure that all my years as a professional journalist, one of those who was supposed to be ‘fair and balanced’ (and not in a Fox News sort of way) sapped my voice.

Well guess what! I refuse to sound boring. Feel free to think I’m crazy. I’m okay with that…just as long as I’m not stale bread. Gag. Get me some water please.


  • Aleeza

    Hi, Becky! I’m a new follower. nice to meet you! 🙂
    i think it’s the trademark of any talented author to be able to take the ‘me’ out of the voice of their narrators. otherwise, they’d all sound the same, and let’s face it, kind of boring too! but its great that your determined to bring out a unique voice of your own. anything’s better than boring. 😀

  • Lindsay N. Currie

    I like this post Becky, a lot of people struggle with this and I find that the blogs I enjoy the most are the ones where the writer has a fun, warm or genuine voice. I think you have all three, so good work:)

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