Most Embarassing Story (Round Two)

“My wenis is itchy.”

I quirked an eyebrow at my then-seventeen-year-old-brother Joel and said,”I’m sorry?”

Joel laughed at my expression and explained that a wenis is the extra skin on your elbow that allows your arm to bend. I didn’t buy it. We googled it, and although I’m still not convinced it’s an anatomical term, there were plenty of references to elbow-skin-wenis online.

Later that afternoon, my cell rang and little bro’s name popped up on the caller id. “What’s up? Your wenis still itchy?”

“Excuse me?” said the male voice that was most definitely not Joel. “You wanted to know if my what was itchy?”

Joel had run into a mutual friend I hadn’t talked to in years, handed over his phone, and said a phone call would be a great surprise.

I was laughing so hard with sheer embarrassment that I gave the phone to my mom and made her explain – in detail – what a wenis was and why I was asking my brother about his.

I haven’t spoken to that particular friend since.

(P.S. There are a lot more wenis jokes that were part of this story, but I didn’t want to frighten anyone away. I’m sure if you think hard enough you can figure out a lot of despicable ways to use the word wenis.)


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