Ode to the TP Holder

But soft! What white roll doth yonder hang?
It is the TP, and doth not hit the wall!
Spin, new roll, and release thy paper squares. 

If you’ve read any of my Grouchy Pregnant Lady posts, you’ll know that I have an unnatural loathing for super-sized toilet paper rolls.  They don’t spin, they hit the wall, only one square comes off at a time.  I know, I know.  First World Problems.

But now I have a solution!! 
Introducing, my new and much, much improved toilet paper holder!

Do you see how magical this is?  It’s not spring loaded.  It actually OPENS up to allow an industrial-sized roll of TP.

It’s the small things, guys, that really make my day. 

And if that isn’t random enough for you, I don’t know what possibly could be.  Have a fantastic week! 


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