Okay…that’s Awkward

I love writing dialogue. A good exchange between two characters — especially when they have rapport or are on different sides of an argument — is fun, entertaining and telling. I read it aloud to Hubby to get his response. If he laughs or grimaces, then I know where that particular scene stands.

He’s also a good sounding board for “guy speak.” I’ll pose a not-so-theoretical question and base my male character’s response on what my husband has to say. It definitely makes the dialogue authentic.

Right now I’m working on a scene where the conversation is supposed to be uncomfortable…and it is. However, this time Hubby says its too awkward. You guys be the judge:

“It was great to watch someone put Jessica in her place.” Adam said as he picked up a pebble from the flower bed. “Her dad’s a senator. Did you know that?”

“No.” I cringed.

He tossed the rock and it skipped twice before disappearing into the pond. “She thinks her word should be law, just because his is.”

“Did I cause a problem?”

“She’s just a silly girl. Don’t worry about her.”

Normally I wouldn’t worry, but it seemed that no matter where I turned an enemy was waiting. Adam was the only person who’d been kind to me in two days, and I was about to destroy his life.

“So…” he said as the silence between us stretched.


“So, I was thinking that maybe tomorrow we could have a day to ourselves?”

Ah, crap. “Sure. What did you have in mind?”

I don’t think it’s that awkward…more that Hubby is uber-sensitive about uncomfortable situations.

BTW, this is a very rough draft (wrote it last night) and I had to re-type it all to get it into the post. Forgive my errors.

Happy Thursday.


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