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Okay…what do you guys think of this:

Everyone wants a piece of Sam Oliveira. Cheerleaders fawn over him, college baseball scouts covet him and his mother has paved the way for him to take over the family business. Sam’s future should be bright – it won’t be. Sam knows he’s being hunted and someone he loves is going to die.

Sam’s inherited a preternatural talent that lets him see brief glimpses of the future. It’s a skill his mother’s employer, a Brazilian drug cartel, intends to exploit. Sam wouldn’t work for them even if he could make sense of the visions.

The images he sees are hazy and confusing – except when the subject is his calculus tutor Gabby Wilkins, and her violent death at the hands of a faceless stalker. He struggles to pull the visions into focus, leaving him with a perpetual migraine and his head in the toilet.

Two people can give Sam the training he needs to pin down the details of Gabby’s attack: a relative who’s unwilling to take Sam on as a student, or the cartel’s boss who will require a lifetime of servitude in return.

SAW IT COMING is a YA paranormal romance complete at 65,000 words. It tracks Sam’s attempts to do the right thing without getting himself, or anyone else for that matter, killed.

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Becky Wallace


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