SKLIGHTER Teaser No.7!

SKY teaser11SKYLIGHTER will be out in one week!! If you’ve been waiting to pre-order, you still have a chance to get all the good swag!  I still have a few copies of the artwork, bookmarks, and postcards!  Send me a picture of your receipt and your mailing address to and I’ll mail you all sorts of goodness!! Also, I’ll be grateful! Links here:


Barnes & Noble

Blue Willow (the only place to get autographed copies!)

Don’t forget that STORYSPINNER will be out in paperback on March 22 as well! If you order that. you’ll get the awesome bookplate map as well!


Barnes and Noble

Blue Willow

YAY!!! And thank you!


Also, maybe forgive me for all the shameless self-promotion?  I promise I’ll stop once SKYLIGHTER is actually released! 


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