I just finished reading a book (nope, not telling you the title) for the second time.  I had to read it twice because I couldn’t figure out why other authors were praising it.  I really loved the concept, but I don’t think it was executed all that well.  The characters weren’t  appealing and there seemed to be a lot of plot holes.  I kept saying to myself, “Wait?  What?” 

Last night, I laid in bed thinking, “If this not-so-fantastic book could get published from a great house, can’t mine?”

And the answer is no and yes.  I obviously think my book is good. It scored me an agent (so I guess she likes it too). But to get to shelves at least five people at the publishing house have to agree that my book is well-written, interesting, and most importantly marketable.  As I’m looking at it now, getting published is like getting an agent five times.  GAH!!!  It was hard enough once!

But people are doing it.  Publishers Marketplace is posting deals everyday. My book could be next and so could yours. 

Now it’s just a matter of staying positive and being hopeful!  Good luck to all of your who are writing, editing, querying, and waiting!  Something has to work out…for some of us! 


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