Take one down, pass it around, 99 agents on my Query Tracker list

Hold on a second…

Sorry. I had to step away from my computer for a moment. All the black-and-white text was blurring together. It happens sometimes when you stare at something for hours, and hours, and hours.

I’ve spent the better part of two days researching agents. Sure, QueryTracker does a great job
providing the basic information: genres each agent reps, email addresses, preferred methods of submission. But unless you go to an agent’s web site, poke around their bios, study their wish lists, you won’t know if the name on the list is the right person to send your particular MS.

I’m proud to say that I started with a list of 400 YA agents, whittled it down to 99, ranked them in tiers of ten, and set goals for when I’ll actually send my queries.

AHHHHHH!!!!! Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!

Deep breaths, Beck. Deep breaths.

I’ll let you know how it all goes down, and provide some tips to making QueryTracker work for you in a few subsequent posts.

Until then, my DVR is calling me.


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