Ten Reasons Today Sucked Enough To Write About

10. Spent the majority of the day waiting for painting contractors to provide estimates.

9. The cheapest bid to paint one level of my house was $3,800.

8. Had to go to physical therapy today for my knee. Physical therapy costs $30. I had to pay sitter $20. I’m supposed to go to therapy six more times. You do the math.

7. Therapists says that I have “bursitis and tendonitis.” Which really means “you are just to old to do the things you want to do anymore.” No running, no jumping, no squatting. I’m not even 30, for Pete’s sakes!

6. The exercises the therapist prescribe make me feel stupid and look really wimpy.

5. The exercises the therapist prescribe really hurt. Which means that I am both old and wimpy. Stupid is debatable.

4. Rain is pouring through the window above my front door.

3. It puddles in my brand new tennis shoes.

2. Rain pours down the vent near the front door and causes water damage around a light fixture in the basement.

1. In an effort to check the light fixture, I trip over a toy on the floor, step on a second toy on the floor, and fall onto my old and wimpy knee.

Today sucked. Tomorrow will likely be less sucky. It better be.


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