Ten Things a Man Should Never Say to His (Pregnant) Wife

Here is my Christmas gift to you: For the men out there, a list of things NEVER to say out loud. For the women, go ahead and laugh. (Lucky me. My husband is home all day for the next two weeks).

10. “You’re really wearing that?”
9. “Could you say that again? I wasn’t really listening.”
8. “You don’t look that fat.”
7. “Are you sure you should be eating that?”
6. “We are NOT having any more children.”
5. “What have you done all day?”
4. “What happened to your face?”
3. “There are dishes in the sink. You’ll probably want to clean those up.”
2. “Someone’s having a grouchy day.”
1. “Pick it up yourself. It’s not that heavy.”

(Note: Like all men, my husband sometimes thinks before he speaks. Usually a dirty look is all it takes to straighten him out…thank heavens. If he’s really bad, I call his mom. Yep. She’s awesome about giving him an earful.)


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