Thank You Tweeps! How about you win THE STORYSPINNER?

YOU GUYS!!!  I have more than 1,000 Twitter followers!  Thanks to everyone who followed and especially to those who retweeted!  I know I’ve said this before, but the writing and reading community is a beautiful thing.

As promised, I will giveaway one of my cherished ARCs (I only have five, so when I say ‘cherished,’ I mean it!)  And I guess I can personalize it too, right? If the winner wants (Do people want me to sign my book?  I mean, I think it’s super cool when authors write me a little note in their books, but maybe I’m weird.  Also, it’s me signing my book.  I should go practice my handwriting, huh? AnGalley-y-way…)

SO!  Since you’re already a twitter follower, all you have to do is enter your handle in the little box below and voila! You’re entered.  If you wanted to like my Facebook page, you’re totally welcome to (and it will get you another entry), but you’re not obligated.  (I have friends who don’t do Twitter and I hate leaving them out.)

I’ll throw in some of the postcards and bookmarks the lovely Kristin Rae designed for THE STORYSPINNER.  She did a really fantastic job!! You can see them up close here!

bookmark-2inx8in-h-frontAnd one more  thing: If you wondered how I got my agent and my book deal, you can check out my interview for Writer Odyssey Wednesday.

That’s it…except I feel like I should say thank you one more time!  So THANK YOU!! This day has been so totally awesome.

(I’ll stop talking now. I promise.)

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