The Best Accident that Ever Happened

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My younger sister, MeChelle, agreed to nanny for me this summer.  (I don’t honestly know what she was thinking, but I’m almost positive that she isn’t going to want children for a long, long, long time.)  You see, my husband is gone a lot and when he’s in town he’s rarely actually here.   And with Critter No. 3 and my completely psycho puppy — and not being able to drive for a minimum of two weeks after I had the baby — I really, really needed help.  (Did I mention that Hubby was actually in Singapore when I came home from the hospital with Critter No. 3?)  

Anyway, MeMe is a sanity saver, a replacement for Valium, a dog whisperer, a story reader, a life guard, a child bather, a diaper changer, a meal maker and a chauffeur. I can’t count the number of times over the last eight weeks that I’ve said, “I couldn’t do this without you.” 

Words are not enough (nor is the itty bitty salary) to thank her for being a pseudo-mom to my kids.  She rocks. Period.

Now for the tie-in to my title:  MeMe should never have been born.  She’s like the ultimate “oops” baby.  My parents were so D.O.N.E. after my brother (he was in the hospital 180 days of his first year alive).  They were too stressed out, too tired, and didn’t have health insurance.  But along came this little dark-haired, dark-eyed angel and she really completed our family. 
My parents couldn’t have known that twenty years later MeMe would make my life totally liveable, and that she and I would have a friendship that stretches beyond sisterhood.  The best things happen when you don’t expect them!

I’m not sure what’s going to happen the rest of this summer. I can only hope that the awesomenss continues (especially as my book goes on sub…AHHH!!!). 

Can any of you think of a time when a accident turned into something incredible?  Or maybe it’s happening now and you just don’t know it! 


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