The Plague of What-If

I refuse to let all the negative scenarios in my head weigh me down.  (Take that anxiety!  This is me stickin’ it to you!)

Sure, I’m having a baby tomorrow (*panics momentarily, takes three deep breaths, returns to typing*).  Some of you may realize that babies are life changing entities and that any number of things can go wrong getting them to the realm of the air-breathing.  BUT I AM NOT THINKING ABOUT THOSE THINGS!  I’m going to focus on all the incredible stuff that could potentially happen like…winning the lottery or becoming a multi-platinum R&B artist.  (Are you laughing?  Because I am.  Who in the world would want to hear me sing? Especially R&B.  The mental image is totally awesome though.) Or something even simpler…like having a baby that knows how to eat and is a good sleeper.

So your task today, my friends, is to let you imagination soar!  What amazing life-altering thing could happen to you today?  No negativity allowed!  (No one is allowed to wonder what would happen if a plane on the way to Dulles Airport suddenly crashes on your house…no…I’ve never thought about that.  Why would you ask?) It has to be positive! 

The best, most creative, happiest answer will get a prize.  I don’t know what yet…probably something in the vein of a $25 Amazon gift card.  Sorry I haven’t thought it through too clearly.  Did I mention I’m having a baby tomorrow?

You have till Wed., June 1st to enter.  I’ll narrow down the participants and let all ya’ll vote on which What-If is the awesomest. 

And with that, I’ll wish you a lovely Memorial Day Weekend.  I’m pretty sure I won’t be posting for a little while…you know, baby business and all that. 


  • Lynn(e)

    Today, my best friend, Baxter, could learn how to listen to me rather than running off to chase other dogs. When I tell him to stay, he stays as if by magic! No longer will I try to restrain all 115 pounds of mass and muscle (really, he looks like he’s on steroids), be dragged across the yard at a company function, or look silly running in my pajamas to the neighbor’s. When I say ‘stay’ or ‘no’, he stays.
    He will be the perfect little gentleman, and everyone will love him more than they already do (which I’m not sure is possible, in real life we get complimented everywhere we go. It’s actually really, really, nice…even after I’ve been dragged around).
    And then, to continue with my super awesome day! When I get home from work, I have an e-mail waiting in my box from an agent! Asking to represent me! Baxter and I do a happy dance!
    And then Baxter and I live happily ever after 🙂
    Just saying, it could happen.

  • Susanna Leonard Hill

    Today, I could begin writing a novel that will win the Newbery next year 🙂

    Good luck with bringing baby #3 into the world – you do know that #3 tips the balance – now you’ll be outnumbered 🙂 (I know – I have 5 🙂 all worth it!)

  • Kristen

    In a scenario no one would ever have expected, I will save the President’s life, and not lose my own. Everyone will want to know me, and even though today is Oprah’s last show, she will return to TV just so she can interview me about my courage and quick-thinking. Of course the agents will come running because everyone will have googled me and they’ll see my blog and know I’m a writer. I will be awash with fortune. I will humbly accept what is appropriate to accept, donate what is not to Haiti and Rwanda, then gracefully fade back into the background, content and satisfied with all I’ve done for the world, once again writing excellent stories for children. Once in a while Oprah and I will come out of retirement together and do a show.

    Good luck tomorrow, Becky! Baby number 3 is going to make you so happy!

  • Jen

    I didn’t have time to get paranoid with this one, but do you remember with T? I had panic attacks at night thinking about the bad what ifs. Oh wait, maybe I didn’t tell you that I was up all night stressing. You might have thought I was crazy. (compare it to my anxiety in DC when we visited…though that may have been a tad worse!)

    So my amazing life altering day?

    Today, I will get an offer on my house. A good one, and GE will sign papers, I’ll get my money and go buy a pilot. Then I don’t have to drive around my parents expedition that has 150,000 miles on it and I can stop being a mooch. That’s really all I want right now. 🙂 Not very exciting…maybe realistic though, if these darned people who say they want to buy my house actually do! Or maybe they’ll be like everyone else who likes our house & change their mind and decide to buy in Katy or build new. And then on Friday I can move into my house finally and, again, stop mooching off my parents for a place to stay. We are in our 30s darn it. I shouldn’t be living with my mother. See, freedom in so many ways! Can you see that my dreams are not very creative…just hopeful.

    I’m expecting a call or text tomorrow morning. I don’t care who it’s from. But I will be waiting and stressing. Make sure Jamie sits down through this one! I LOVE YOU. Good luck. Cannot wait to see pics of your beautiful girl/my future daughter in law (did I forget to tell you she’s meant for Liam?). She is so lucky to be joining your family.

    PS–I’m not actually trying to enter your competition…just had to share since I can’t use my phone til next week!

  • Carol Riggs

    Best wishes for your delivery and BABY!! Yeah! My best thing will be to finish my revisions in such a fantastic way that my lovely new agent will be totally BLOWN AWAY, and I will save her loads of time on the 2nd round revisions. ;o)

    Oh, and it’d be really nice if some miracle could happen where a publisher could put my novel on a list that comes out sooner than TWO years. Argh, that’s a looong time to wait!

  • Kathryn

    Oh wow! Congrats on the baby! Best wishes for a safe deliver and a nice, chubby little one all happy and healthy!

    Today, I could see the world through blue-coloured glasses. My favourite colour of all time (and I’m really showcasing my Canadian-ness here, aren’t I?)… it would slowly spread like airy paint throughout the world and make everything look like the tropical waters of the Caribbean had carried their hue to each corner of the globe. We’d all be in shades of azur, navy and robin’s egg and we’d laugh at this day, enjoy this day, and wonder what the hell happened and whether it’d continue tomorrow.

    I had fun with that! Positivity FTW!

  • Trisha

    Wow, good luck with your baby’s arrival! 😀

    What amazing life-altering thing could happen to you today?

    Today I could get an email from some random agent who saw an excerpt of my work online somewhere, and already knows s/he wants to represent me. 😀

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