The Seven Hour Itch

Last night was not restful. I don’t know if I ate something that made me itch or if my skin is just completely dried out. Either way, I itched from the top of my shoulders to the bottom of my feet. It was like an army of fire ants burrowed under my skin and were bored – their only entertainment was biting me over and over. I’ve don’t think I’ve been this itchy-miserable since I broke out in hives on my honeymoon (which is a post for a whole different day).

Finally, I couldn’t stand it any more and googled “homemade itch remedies.” I came up with a lot of…interesting…results, but there was one I was willing to try. Take a bath with three tablespoons of olive oil.

Can you say bliss? The itching stopped and I luxuriated in the greasy water.

Calm and relaxed I curled up in my bed. And didn’t stay that way for long.

My puppy apparently likes the flavor of olive oil. She licked every inch of skin I couldn’t hide from her, and then tried to burrow under covers and clothes to get to the rest of me. My hubby has a horrid sinus infection, so I was trying to keep quiet as I flapped and flailed and pushed her away. To no avail. I’d marinaded myself, and she was ready for some meat.

Finally, I escaped to my two-year-old’s room. Anyone ever tried to sleep with a two-year old? Don’t. There’s no sleeping involved.

At some point I snuck back to my own bed. Puppy and hubby were asleep and I managed not to attract either of their attention. And then it was time to wake up.

The point of this story is that I’m a) tired and b) worthless, BUT during all of that I managed to brainstorm the fix I needed for my current WIP.

Inspiration comes in the strangest ways.

Now I’ve got to shower. Olive oil, dog spit and kid drool is probably not the best way to start your day.


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