The Stats

Remember the tasks that I set for myself last night (search for stupid words, search for passive sentences, read the whole stinkin‘ ms aloud)? I’ve managed to get two of three done. And I have to admit, the process was very enlightening.

Here’s what I found in my nearly 63,000 word manuscript:
  • 39 passive sentences which have been actified (I know it’s not a real word, but it was better than ‘actioned-up.’)
  • 87 times where the word ‘just’ could be removed.
  • 112 times where a sentence read clearly without the word ‘that’.
  • 2 grins that were replaced by smirks.
  • 1 shrug that was replaced by slung (i.e. “He slung the bag over his shoulder.”)

I was very pleased that I didn’t overuse the words ‘it’ or ‘like.’ Yay me!

In my search, I also found three paragraphs that could be moved (usually one paragraph up or down) to make the whole section a little more clear.

Now I’m off to read to myself.


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