These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Once you get to baby No. 3, you don’t really need to have a baby shower.  But every expectant mom needs to have a last hurrah.  My totally awesome friends threw a “Favorite Things” Fiesta for me (Not a party..a fiesta so we had an excuse to gorge ourselves on my beloved Tex-Mex).

Instead of bringing a baby gift, each guest brought one of their favorite things (times five) that cost less than $5.  Then we swapped our items, collected five new items, and every one left with five little gifts.  Do you see how awesome this party was?  Everyone got presents!

This morning I was applying lip gloss that I got at the party, and I started thinking about what my favorite things actually are.  It’s an incredibly long list and most of them can’t be purchased for five dollars.  Most of my favorite things are free — like the sweet smell of my baby’s breath and the all-over-warmth I feel when my dog curls up on my lap and how intensely my children listen when I read them a story. 

They are things that are beautiful and simple and can not be packaged. 

Tomorrow, right here on this blog, I’m going to give away one of my favorite things.  It’s value is debatable.  I’ll let you decide.

Until then, I want to know what your favorite things are.


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