This One Goes Out to the Fans

Come on.  Fess up. I know you all dream about what you’ll write on your dedication page once you  get one. 

Well…I’m assuming you do because I do it all the time. I think the dedication says a lot about an author, their motivations, and their interests.  Except in some cases, where the dedication doesn’t mean anything at all.*

I could go with something sweet and romantic like: 

For my wonderful husband, who held my hand (expect when I was typing) through this whole process.

Which I think means that I’m devoted and maybe…fluffy?

Or maybe I go with lyrics from a song:

To Jamie: 
“A distant ship, smoke on the horizon.
You are only coming through in waves.”
–Pink Floyd

See!  Now you think I’m cryptic and interesting. And you’re probably wondering who in the world Jamie is and why I would dedicate an entire novel to this person.

There are always the funny dedications like:

For Mr. Snugglebottoms, my cat, for keeping my feet warm while I sat at the computer. 

Which probably would make me a crazy cat lady who doesn’t own socks, ever leaves home, or eats vegetables. 

Or the ones that make you just feel uncomfortable:

For my witchy second grade teacher who said I’d never amount to anything.  Haha!  Suck it!

And then you’d expect a novel full of angst and anger, and either love me or avoid meeting me at conferences. 

Last but not least, are the ones that make you wonder why the author wrote a dedication at all:

To English:  Where would I be without you?

Seriously…English?!?!  In that case, I might as well devote a book to chocolate.

If you had to write a book dedication today, which style would you go with?  Are you romantic, fluffy, grateful, cryptic, scary, funny?  What does the dedication say about you personally? 

*The idea for this post was the result of the dedication in Maureen Johnson’s new book, THE NAME OF THE STAR.  I can’t remember the person’s name, but she thanked them for the milk.  Well…okay then.  Dairy is really important to some people.


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