W is for Waiting

I’m not participating in the A-Z Toolbox thing, but I totally have a W for today. I’m tired of WAITING!! This doesn’t have anything (that’s a boldfaced lie) to do with waiting for agents to get back to me (LOL), but all the other things that have my life in a holding pattern. Like:

  • a box from my grandma full of See’s Candy. It’s supposed to be here today and I can’t leave until it arrives. I don’t want my precious chocolates to melt!

  • my homemade blueberry-struesel muffins to get out of the oven.

  • my awesome sister (aka Nanny) to get here. She’s staying ALL summer. WOOT!

  • Baby No. 3 to make her arrival. I’m a really bad pregnant lady.

  • Spring to really get here.

  • my puppy to stop acting like a puppy (that’s only going to take five years)

  • that brilliant idea that’s going to move my plot to my next imaginary plot point.

What kind of things are you guys waiting for?


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