Welcome to My New Website!

Hi! Thanks for visiting my sparkly new website.  I’m glad you’re here!

This will be the main source of information for all things THE KEEPERS’ CHRONICLES, publishing news (mine and the rest of the world’s), writing tips, occasional recipes, and a slew of other randomness.

It’s going to be fun. Promise.

Oh! Speaking of THE KEEPERS’ CHRONICLES, did I tell you the first book in the series has a new name?  It’s now called THE STORYSPINNER.  I’ll have the official synopsis up soon.

Please poke around, check out the tabs, clink on the little buttons over there ——–> to visit my new Facebook, Pinterest, and Goodreads pages.  Or, if you’re just here for the goods (and that’s okay too!), please enter the giveaway below for a prize pack full of some of my favorite fantasy books, a critique, or a copy of the lovely Lynne Matson’s debut NIL.

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Thanks for visiting and come again soon!


  • KLM

    It looks great, Becky!

    Am I imagining it or does your book have a new title? Also, have you joined that Fearless Fifteeners group? I think it’s just like the OneFourKidLit thing.

    How did I not know that you were Lynne’s crit partner? Small world. 😉

    Hope Texas is treating you right!

    • BeckyWallace

      It is a new title! It’s sort fancy with it’s colon and everything. 😉

      I am a Fearless Fifteener. I just 2015 wasn’t so far away. Only fifteen-ish more months.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Brynn Hansen

    Hey Girl!
    This website looks so shnazzy! Love it! Congrats!
    We miss you and all your cute kids. Can’t wait to hear more about the book!

    • BeckyWallace

      Thanks for dropping by, Brynn! I can’t wait for the world to meet a spunky little red-headed maid with a name you’ll probably recognize. <3<3

  • Lynne Matson

    The site looks great Becky! And I <3 THE STORYSPINNER…both the title and the story itself.:) I can't wait for the world to read it next year!!!

    Thanks for touching NIL with your brilliance, and for giving away a copy! *hugs* 🙂

    • BeckyWallace

      Look guys! A celebrity stopped by! *waves at Lynne* Her book, NIL, is awesome. You should enter this giveaway so you can win it!!

    • BeckyWallace

      Thank you! I dropped by your blog and love the aqua, black, and white theme. And Levana is an awesome villain. I LOVED Cinder!

  • Melissa Kaufman

    Hopping around Twitter, looking for new authors to follow, and I stumbled upon your blog- can’t wait to read both The Keepers’ Chronicles and NIL. They both sound so good!! Off to read more of your blog!

    • BeckyWallace

      Hi Melissa! If you need some new author recs, let me know of check out the Fearless Fifteeners! There are a lot of great new stories getting ready to enter the world!

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